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VB .NET development

My professional experience of software development is essentially in VB.Net. I made GUI with WinForms. Data was stored in INI files, MySQL and SQL Server databases. I have been responsible for the development of many applications from scratch, sometimes with precise specifications sometimes not. I made the GUI, defined data structure and all necessary algorithms. I used iTextSharp library (C#) to read and write PDF files.

VB6 development

I have programmed in VB6 for example in Microsoft Access and also recently when working on the conversion of a program form VB6 to VB.Net. I am now quite familiar with the differences between VB6 and VB.Net, for example regarding object oriented programming.

Significant software made from scratch in VB.Net

  • SantePharma: software used in 3ma Group to process and to print personalised data for French social security using the standard defined by SantePharma association.
  • TRAC: free hydrogeology software for interpreting and simulating tracer tests
  • OUAIP: hydrogeology software for interpreting pumping tests

As well as many smaller applications to handle smaller streams of personalised data or for administrative purposes. You will find here a class that makes it easier to print directly (in French).

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